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Malika Lueen Ndlovu is a Durban-born performer-word-weaver-story-lover, mother of four children and several multi-media productions. Her words and visions have flown far from the nest, making their appearances on pages and stages in Austria, USA, UK, Holland, Ireland, Germany and the Philippines. She is constantly nourished by collaboration with other artists and motivated by her personal mantra ‘healing through creativity.‘


breathing my way back into my skin

back at the temple door

quietly returning

through these moments of reflection

this essential emptying

22 March 2012

mind cloud ride

ride this mind cloud in comfort, with me

from up and out here you can see

whether Mayan or Aquarian it is clear

this anticipated age, this r-evolutionary time

is here

soul-shelling, husk-shedding, cry-releasing

millions of us in renewed spirit skin

rise to embrace ourselves, each other

finally unconditionally, speechless

at the years of unconscious incubation, resistance

the inner earth forces, heart breaking plate shifting

the almost unbearable temperature of moulding

us into this readiness, where be who you are

do what you dream so vividly distinguishes

the living from the dying, the awakened

from the sleepwalking multitudes still clinging

in terror, to remnants of a hell better known

than the unpredictability of liberation into the unknown

now here

ride this mind cloud in comfort, with me

from up and out here you can see

whether Mayan or Aquarian it is clear

this anticipated age, this r-evolutionary time

is here

we, the naked steel-faithed ones

know the long-awaited harvest time

has come, as our intuition foretold

holding us to account in this era

for action rooted in compassion, convictions

grown to benefit all, understanding

that recognition of our interconnectedness

is the direct route, the secret the map

the sacred path, familiar and travelled

yet somehow invisible to the majority

until now

re-member, re-store, re-view

re-visit, re-search, re-construct

re-mind, re-affirm, re-commune

re-source, repossess, re-collect

re-claim, re-charge, re-align

ride this mind cloud in comfort, with me

from up and out here you can see

whether Mayan or Aquarian it is clear

this anticipated age, this r-evolutionary time

is here

2012 Evolution – Day 27

Soul Canoe

Superbly carved, polished and primed to snugly fit no other body but mine

Once branch or sturdy trunk, your loving sculpted torso turned hull shines

Amber-gold in the distance, beckoning me to the chilly waters’ edge

I dreamed this invitation long, long ago knowing this river would deliver me

Seasons past uniquely reflected in each tree, now sheltering me from visibility

This voyage is solitary – that is the nature of it I understood even as a child

Wordlessly delighting in water, earth, wind, sky’s company, tossing my voice

Across strips of time, hearing it swallowed or hilariously returning to me triplefold

A little girl growing up yet deeper into her skin, continually stretching her concepts of self

Of being, I am wired for such journeying, senses curious, hungry, attuned instinctively

Joy-filled pursuit of as yet un-manifest possibilities, gratefully rooted in faith in the unseen

Stubbornly optimistic about the purpose and potential of humanity, I still defy disillusionment

Perpetuating buoyancy, this so-called naivety amidst acute awareness of all our destruction,

Our suffering, answering your call to carry me silently slicing through murky depths

Life’s many shadows, necessary deaths precipitating eternal streams of first breaths

I am here, abandoning all fear resurfacing from buried memory, wounded silenced ancestry

Carry me, I am here, willing, wishing, already afloat internally, teasing my old friend gravity

More interested in flowing than finding assurance of where we are going or when we will arrive

2012 Evolution – Day 26

As underwater angels floating in utero
Gradually sense gravity urging their descent
My inner tide knows the moon now nearly full
Is pulling another life cycle towards its close

No longer a wild idea lightly tossed about in conversation
This original seed of intention had ripened, subtly solidified
Soon the ties that bound and grounded me for so long
To this specific soil, this shore, won’t hold me so tightly anymore

Ahead the pressure will build gradually expelling me
From this womb, spiralling me, a willing dandelion
Along unpredictable currents up, up and outward
My sky will cloud and swirl then appear to expand

I will set my course as much as I can, knowing
Nothing can be concrete when you leap in faith
So I will listen amidst all the expected upheaval
Wait for this universal compass to slow then settle

Arriving is inevitable, separation anxiety – necessary rain
Looking back at my trail of cocoons burst open, one by one
More than four decades long, clearly each ensured I grew stronger
No wonder I feel magically ruddered, unready yet inexplicably calm

2012 Evolution – Day 25

Your dark brown feet half buried

in satin soft sun bleached sand

My fascination with the detail of you

all the paths you have walked

That lead you to my wanting shore

a dream, a fire burst I didn’t even know

I was waiting and so hungry for

The tenderness of your travelling fingers

dancing across my exhilarated skin, pausing

As if listening then suddenly driven

to composing a new wordless yet

Inexplicably articulate melody, diving

right into the core of me, my well of memory

Unaware that each note paved your way in

Sky as unflinching witness

Sun as shadow puppeteer

Wind, waker and eraser

Water, ancient teacher

Swelling with tears sculpting

Rock, shoreline and shell

So what is timeless remains

While all else is sifted, shifted

Turned to dissipating grains

Inspired by guitar genius William Ackerman’s ‘Last day at the Beach’

2012 Evolution – Day 24

Feeling the thickening of blood

The quickening before rebirth

Understanding once again

Something more about the nature

Of this illusion we call time

Voyaging at the speed of thought

Caught in the undertow of raw emotion

Lucid mind cautioning me to return

To the surface, the buoyancy of living

Give in to physical, domestic distraction

Earthing, homing, rezoning so my spirit

Reconnects with what is here, now

Tangible, palatable, audible to all

Outside my inner torrential waterfalls

2012 Evolution – Day 23

And on the seventh day, yesterday

She threw herself in front of a train

Her 3 year-old daughter, 4 week-old son

Crossing into oblivion with her

Young unnamed mother from Eerste Rivier

Stopping the six–to-six commuters dead in their tracks

Disrupting their usual sleepwalking Tuesday morning to howl

Without a sound, that she could find no other way out or through

The newscaster delivers this sound bite

Via my car radio this Summery afternoon

Like a poisoned arrow direct to the chest

Until I bear witness in words

I will find no rest, suddenly chilled

A brief involuntary gasping for air

As I hear the final blow, no-one…no-one

Has reported her missing or come to claim

Three once pulsing bodies, now silent and maimed

Perhaps only now she free to stop running

From the wolves consuming her from the inside

Invisible terrors of sorrow, guilt, shame, fear or despair

The paralysing loss of all reasons, heart anchors

To keep her hopeful or here

8th February 2010

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