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2012 Evolution – Day 19

by on February 1, 2012

At the periphery of skin and unbridled imagining

Strings constantly pulling me from presence

Toward hidden desire, further knowing

No exclusive settling in the here, the now

Keeps me from this yearning for that, there, more

Un-navigated shores call, singing my secret name

Unshackling the parts of me that have been tamed

Muted by duty, domesticity, appropriate conditioning

Incessantly distracted by self-generated internal traffic

One sudden morning I may kick through the window pane

Explode the glass sheet overhead, not by physical breaking

But the simple act of truly awakening, as I have done before

The shattering will be music, perhaps only to my ears

Not even the rain of my unspoken fears will hinder me

Many will say I have gone blind, as they have done before

And I will smile, understanding that they have lost sight

Of an open, beckoning door which I cannot ignore or refuse anymore

Quietly certain of my return, even if in a seemingly alien form, a different woman

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