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Evolution 2012 – Day 22

by on February 7, 2012

Twin adhaans interlace across a crisp misty Cape Town dawn
Dreams rapidly returning as I wake, shaken to my core
Pieces of shattering imagery fall into rational place
Making sense of what I saw, will take more time, stillness
A mother stabbed in the back and left for dead by her son
A crying baby abandoned, sitting fingers-in-mouth bewildered
Amidst apartheid-style herding of a rowdy crowd of women
None of them stopping to lift this child from the dirt, see if it was hurt
A few cackling onlookers sing a song to the policemen wielding batons
‘Look into the eyes of that little one, you cannot deny it is your son!’
Such night travelling and mystery weaving is familiar tapestry in my life
Sometimes revelation, long0awaited guidance or prayed-for relief
Other times magical prophecy, eruptions evicting me from stagnation
The comfort of contentment, procrastination of bold steps toward my destiny
So I ultimately see this upheaval as a tide of gifts I simply struggle to receive

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