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2012 Evolution – Day 23

by on February 8, 2012

And on the seventh day, yesterday

She threw herself in front of a train

Her 3 year-old daughter, 4 week-old son

Crossing into oblivion with her

Young unnamed mother from Eerste Rivier

Stopping the six–to-six commuters dead in their tracks

Disrupting their usual sleepwalking Tuesday morning to howl

Without a sound, that she could find no other way out or through

The newscaster delivers this sound bite

Via my car radio this Summery afternoon

Like a poisoned arrow direct to the chest

Until I bear witness in words

I will find no rest, suddenly chilled

A brief involuntary gasping for air

As I hear the final blow, no-one…no-one

Has reported her missing or come to claim

Three once pulsing bodies, now silent and maimed

Perhaps only now she free to stop running

From the wolves consuming her from the inside

Invisible terrors of sorrow, guilt, shame, fear or despair

The paralysing loss of all reasons, heart anchors

To keep her hopeful or here

8th February 2010

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