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2012 Evolution – Day 25

by on February 15, 2012

Your dark brown feet half buried

in satin soft sun bleached sand

My fascination with the detail of you

all the paths you have walked

That lead you to my wanting shore

a dream, a fire burst I didn’t even know

I was waiting and so hungry for

The tenderness of your travelling fingers

dancing across my exhilarated skin, pausing

As if listening then suddenly driven

to composing a new wordless yet

Inexplicably articulate melody, diving

right into the core of me, my well of memory

Unaware that each note paved your way in

Sky as unflinching witness

Sun as shadow puppeteer

Wind, waker and eraser

Water, ancient teacher

Swelling with tears sculpting

Rock, shoreline and shell

So what is timeless remains

While all else is sifted, shifted

Turned to dissipating grains

Inspired by guitar genius William Ackerman’s ‘Last day at the Beach’

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