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2012 Evolution – Day 26

by on February 16, 2012

As underwater angels floating in utero
Gradually sense gravity urging their descent
My inner tide knows the moon now nearly full
Is pulling another life cycle towards its close

No longer a wild idea lightly tossed about in conversation
This original seed of intention had ripened, subtly solidified
Soon the ties that bound and grounded me for so long
To this specific soil, this shore, won’t hold me so tightly anymore

Ahead the pressure will build gradually expelling me
From this womb, spiralling me, a willing dandelion
Along unpredictable currents up, up and outward
My sky will cloud and swirl then appear to expand

I will set my course as much as I can, knowing
Nothing can be concrete when you leap in faith
So I will listen amidst all the expected upheaval
Wait for this universal compass to slow then settle

Arriving is inevitable, separation anxiety – necessary rain
Looking back at my trail of cocoons burst open, one by one
More than four decades long, clearly each ensured I grew stronger
No wonder I feel magically ruddered, unready yet inexplicably calm

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