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2012 Evolution – Day 27

by on February 24, 2012

Soul Canoe

Superbly carved, polished and primed to snugly fit no other body but mine

Once branch or sturdy trunk, your loving sculpted torso turned hull shines

Amber-gold in the distance, beckoning me to the chilly waters’ edge

I dreamed this invitation long, long ago knowing this river would deliver me

Seasons past uniquely reflected in each tree, now sheltering me from visibility

This voyage is solitary – that is the nature of it I understood even as a child

Wordlessly delighting in water, earth, wind, sky’s company, tossing my voice

Across strips of time, hearing it swallowed or hilariously returning to me triplefold

A little girl growing up yet deeper into her skin, continually stretching her concepts of self

Of being, I am wired for such journeying, senses curious, hungry, attuned instinctively

Joy-filled pursuit of as yet un-manifest possibilities, gratefully rooted in faith in the unseen

Stubbornly optimistic about the purpose and potential of humanity, I still defy disillusionment

Perpetuating buoyancy, this so-called naivety amidst acute awareness of all our destruction,

Our suffering, answering your call to carry me silently slicing through murky depths

Life’s many shadows, necessary deaths precipitating eternal streams of first breaths

I am here, abandoning all fear resurfacing from buried memory, wounded silenced ancestry

Carry me, I am here, willing, wishing, already afloat internally, teasing my old friend gravity

More interested in flowing than finding assurance of where we are going or when we will arrive

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